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you already have the maximum quantity available for this product


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An old topic but still not fixed as of today.

We are on 1.6.11 and just noticed the above message on the site. 

We use multistore, 2 shop groups with 2 urls each. 

We have a retail and a wholesale section on both, but the problem only occurs on one wholesale site. 

We think it was related to deleting some attributes off some products a couple of weeks ago but it was on the retail side.

Creating a new product on the wholesale (affected site) clears the issue, but we don't want to clear down these historical products and recreate as a fix, as I am sure customer history etc will be affected.

Also the only product we have on the wholesale site which isn't affected doesn't have attributes, so fairly sure it's related to this.

We've checked the forums for the typical 6-7 yr old complaints of these issues, but can't find resolution with their fixes.


Is there a way to sort the attributes out without restoring a 2 week old backup that doesn't have the issue? We'll probably cause more issues to be honest with new orders being lost.





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