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[SOLVED] Fatal Error when adding a single product to DB


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Hi all!

I was almost done with my shop and template modifications when all of a sudden I stumbled into a "Fatal"-Error situation. I guess it has something to do with my products in the DB since if I delete every single one of them the site correctly displays (just with the expected and correct "No products available" message); If I just add one single product I stumble into an error, that I can't solve after hours trying to clean the database, settings and so on; judging from the Smarty Debug message I also don't have a clue where I could start searching;

Does anybody have a clue why this might happen and what I could do to correct this?

The site is currently running under xxx
Smarty Debugging is on

Your help is very much appreciated; I need this up and running for the XMas business!

PS: running the latest Prestashop 1.3.2

update: the same problem persists in the backoffice module where I don't see the "products of this category" dialogue anymore

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I did turn error displays in config.inc on but it didn't change anything in the error message; still and just "fatal error"

as for the primary key: is there a way to completely reset the DB into virgin state without necessarily losing all settings? i.e. I already tried emptying tables like addresses, carriers, taxes and so on but at no avail

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got it back up and running but only after a new, clean install. Looks like that you were right and some manual corrections messed up the primary keys; tried long to "repair" the tables but re-install finally got me back online

thanks anyhow for all of your help ....

PS: ... now I am having another problem of another thing that already worked before ;-(

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