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[MODULE] AntiSpam and Mathematical Captcha

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Module that allows you to add several invisible security techniques on the registration form accompanied by a Captcha proposing a simple mathematical calculation to visitors on the contact form, you will secure these forms from attacks by robots.

With over 22,000 domain names identified as being used for fraud or spam, you will block almost all spam.

For even more control, you can expand this list of domains and add specific emails that will be banned on your site, such as the very famous "Eric Jones" in the PrestaShop community, with a single click when consulting your after-sales service messages, which you can also delete with a single click.

With this module, you will be able to make sure that your registration and contact forms are secure and protected against bot attacks and spam, while improving your productivity in processing your after-sales messages to bring a better experience to your customers.










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A major update to the module has been released, adding new security features such as an anti-spam blocker that blocks over 22,000 domains at installation. You can also easily identify and add email addresses to your discussion threads with the new button. Additionally, you can delete individual threads when viewing them, providing a great boost to your support management.

3.0.0 - 01/05/2023

  • Added an option to block email addresses based on their domain or a particular email address
  • Added over 22,000 known spammer domains
  • Adding a first email address known to be spam
  • Added a button in threads to add or remove an email address from the banned email list
  • Added a button in the threads to delete the viewed thread
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  • Mediacom87 changed the title to [MODULE] AntiSpam and Mathematical Captcha
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3.3.0 - 01/10/2024

  • Add an option to propose a text in front of the mathematical safety calculation display on contact form
  • Defer loading of domain list for better performances
  • Improved protection against spam
  • Fixed display bug on older PrestaShop 1.6 versions
  • Improved identification of email addresses declared as Spam in the S.A.V. thread management system.
  • DataTables library updated to version 1.13.7

3.2.0 - 10/24/2023

  • Added list of logs indicating all security failures
  • Improved security controls on PrestaShop versions 1.7 and higher
  • Add an alert in the module if Overrides are disabled
  • DataTables library updated to version 1.13.6

3.1.0 - 07/27/2023

  • Compatibility fix with PHP 8.1
  • Compatibility fix with PrestaShop 8.1
  • DataTables library updated to version 1.13.5
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