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Problem in error.log


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Hi all,
I use 1.2.5 (italian version)
I have lot of lines like these in my error.log :

[error] [client *******] PHP Warning: htmlentities() [function.htmlentities]: Invalid multibyte sequence in argument in /var/www/vhosts/*******/html/classes/Tools.php on line 290, referer: http://*******/product.php?id_product=92

I know this bug is already on web site someone say that it’s only on IIS , but I have the same problem with apache

Maybe there a solution for PS 1.3, but it seems there’re no solutions for 1.2.5

Since that line 290 in tool.php deals with coockies, I think that this problem affect the visualization of my site, in fact when I browse the pages in a certain language , if I change the pages o the category , the language come back to the previous language, as if Prestashop forgot the choosen language(and the same happen with currency).

Anyone can help me?


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