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Only 1 product in viewed product


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Hello, pls help me!

After installation it was OK, but as I customized the shop the viewed product block shows only 1 product. The block is configured for 5, and the only 1 is always the same.
Any idea?
Thanks a lot!

Did you solve this problem? I am having the same issue, please help
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PrestaShop same problem here, it's not a problem about "smarty compile" or "caching" as suggested on a bug report, 'cause the first is already disabled and second enabled...anyway i tried everything from BO, also to uninstall and reinstall the module...clear cookies... it always shows the first product only

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Tengo el mismo problema; siempre muestra el primer producto visto. Solo cambia cuando se limpia la cache del navegador y no vuelve a cambiar hasta que no vuelves a limpiar la cache. Me ocurre en todos los navegadores probados: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari...Tengo instalada la última versión y la plantilla estandar.


Un saludo.





I have the same problem shows the first product ever seen. Only changes when you clean your browser cache and not changed againuntil they return to clean the cache. It happens in all browsers tested: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari...I have installed the latest version and the standard template.


A greeting.

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you could ignore this post unless you want the pre-populated feature, read next 2 posts

blockviewed version 0.9



lately i've been searching like crazy about how to make this module work and by mistake i've found something:


add this code into blockviewed.php before this line "if (sizeof($productsViewed))"


if (sizeof($productsViewed) < 1)
  $productsViewed = array(32, 33, 34);


This pre-populates viewed products list with desired products and also unlock this module for guests users.


If you put one fictive number into the array it will still get activate and the list won't be pre-populated.


It worked for me, please confirm it works for you too.

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you must have "blockviewed" hooked on product page and if you want to hide this block you can edit blockviewed.tpl

and modify this:

<div id="viewed-products_block_left">

into this:

<div id="viewed-products_block_left" class="block products_block{if $page_name == 'product'} hidden{/if}">

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This technical error, a major one, has been lingering since 2009. It never got solved on 1.3, never got solved on 1.4......and the result? Since it never got taken care of, now we have it in 1.5.


1.5 after adjusting the performance in the back end, same problem. Viewed products one item. The class ceases to write to the cookie. When logged in, it writes. Logged out, writing ceases.


No amount of readjustment to the performance tab fixes the issue. Clearing caches, clearing cookies, no help, and rightly so. The class doesn't write to the cookie.


Might as well stop this but from propagating to 1.6 1.7 ......



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guess what, the blockviewed doesn't need any "activation", it just need to get hooked on the product page.



Do you mind telling me how you would do that? I keep getting the error This module cannot be transplanted to this hook..


Thanks in advance!

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