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Attempt Burglary-product


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Hello. Recently, I have a shop on the engine prestashop.
I have a problem relating to the products.

After importing the products, go to one of the products and pops up a message "Attempt Burglaries"
I go to the product (Edit) and click on "Click to pick up the product in search engines SEO"
and there I have a friendly URL: (There's nothing there) so it fits the product name.
I go back to the product and it works.

What do I do now?
I have about 40,000 products and manual makes no sense.

Help me. I'm green in these matters.
If something would help I can upload a picture.

Presty Version: Where does it work? installed because I do not shop.

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Dear Moderator. This script must create the program? yes?
Program that have a "Firma iBiznes.
Here's a site producer "http://www.firmatec.pl/firma_ibiznes.php"
I'm green in these things (recently I have company).
I wrote also to the manufacturers manual for help.
And here too, please help.
Because I want to get my shop started as soon as possible.

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