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debugging information


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Hasn't helped


/* Debug only */
@ini_set('display_errors', 'off');
define('_PS_DEBUG_SQL_', false);


global $smarty;
$smarty = new Smarty();
$smarty->template_dir     = _PS_THEME_DIR_.'tpl';
$smarty->compile_dir     = _PS_SMARTY_DIR_.'compile';
$smarty->cache_dir         = _PS_SMARTY_DIR_.'cache';
$smarty->config_dir     = _PS_SMARTY_DIR_.'configs';
$smarty->caching         = false;
$smarty->force_compile    = (bool)Configuration::get('PS_SMARTY_FORCE_COMPILE');
$smarty->compile_check    = false;
$smarty->debugging        = false;
$smarty->debug_tpl        = _PS_ALL_THEMES_DIR_ . 'debug.tpl';



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I don't have this version. I have no idea. The latest version I installed is (latest public available version)
You are using csv version(under development version), hope PS development team could answer your question.
Sorry I am not able to solve problem.

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