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[solved]InvalidArgumentException when accesing BO

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Hi guys,


My first post here, so hello to all. 

I`ve developed a store(on Prestashop 1.7.3) on localhost and I moved it to a live server. My process for moving from localhost to live server was: upload all shop from local to live server, create a dump from local db and imported it into the live server, and I`ve changed the "BASE URI" from the database, from "ps_shop_url". All thing work ok on the front office, but when I try to log in to backoffice, all I get is this  error:



InvalidArgumentException in XmlFileLoader.php line 286:Unable to parse file "/var/www/vhosts/vogueuk.co.uk/addon/USA062016/newusa/catalog/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Bundle/FrameworkBundle/Resources/config/debug.xml".

  1. in XmlFileLoader.php line 286
  2. at XmlFileLoader->parseFileToDOM('/var/www/vhosts/vogueuk.co.uk/addon/USA062016/newusa/catalog/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Bundle/FrameworkBundle/Resources/config/debug.xml') in XmlFileLoader.php line 41
  3. at XmlFileLoader->load('debug.xml') in FrameworkExtension.php line 146
  4. at FrameworkExtension->load(array(array('assets' => array('version' => '1.7.0'), 'secret' => '9YkpYOS5BrZ8cqtq0TckDCIxIgasrmeoGstq3zrIOPFJhfZZuOdo3MFh', 'translator' => array('fallbacks' => array('default')), 'router' => array('resource' => '/var/www/vhosts/vogueuk.co.uk/addon/USA062016/newusa/catalog/app/config/routing.yml', 'strict_requirements' => null), 'form' => null, 'csrf_protection' => null, 'validation' => array('enable_annotations' => true), 'serializer' => array('enable_annotations' => true), 'templating' => array('engines' => array('twig')), 'default_locale' => 'en-US', 'trusted_hosts' => null, 'trusted_proxies' => null, 'session' => array('handler_id' => null), 'fragments' => null, 'http_method_override' => true), array('router' => array('resource' => '/var/www/vhosts/vogueuk.co.uk/addon/USA062016/newusa/catalog/app/config/routing_dev.yml', 'strict_requirements' => true), 'profiler' => array('only_exceptions' => false))), object(ContainerBuilder)) in MergeExtensionConfigurationPass.php line 59
  5. at MergeExtensionConfigurationPass->process(object(ContainerBuilder)) in MergeExtensionConfigurationPass.php line 39
  6. at MergeExtensionConfigurationPass->process(object(ContainerBuilder)) in Compiler.php line 102
  7. at Compiler->compile(object(ContainerBuilder)) in ContainerBuilder.php line 583
  8. at ContainerBuilder->compile() in bootstrap.php.cache line 2758
  9. at Kernel->initializeContainer() in bootstrap.php.cache line 2533
  10. at Kernel->boot() in bootstrap.php.cache line 2564
  11. at Kernel->handle(object(Request), '1', false) in index.php line 86

1/2InvalidArgumentException in XmlUtils.php line 50:File /var/www/vhosts/vogueuk.co.uk/addon/USA062016/newusa/catalog/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Bundle/FrameworkBundle/Resources/config/debug.xml does not contain valid XML, it is empty.

  1. in XmlUtils.php line 50
  2. at XmlUtils::loadFile('/var/www/vhosts/vogueuk.co.uk/addon/USA062016/newusa/catalog/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Bundle/FrameworkBundle/Resources/config/debug.xml', array(object(XmlFileLoader), 'validateSchema')) in XmlFileLoader.php line 284
  3. at XmlFileLoader->parseFileToDOM('/var/www/vhosts/vogueuk.co.uk/addon/USA062016/newusa/catalog/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Bundle/FrameworkBundle/Resources/config/debug.xml') in XmlFileLoader.php line 41
  4. at XmlFileLoader->load('debug.xml') in FrameworkExtension.php line 146
  5. at FrameworkExtension->load(array(array('assets' => array('version' => '1.7.0'), 'secret' => '9YkpYOS5BrZ8cqtq0TckDCIxIgasrmeoGstq3zrIOPFJhfZZuOdo3MFh', 'translator' => array('fallbacks' => array('default')), 'router' => array('resource' => '/var/www/vhosts/vogueuk.co.uk/addon/USA062016/newusa/catalog/app/config/routing.yml', 'strict_requirements' => null), 'form' => null, 'csrf_protection' => null, 'validation' => array('enable_annotations' => true), 'serializer' => array('enable_annotations' => true), 'templating' => array('engines' => array('twig')), 'default_locale' => 'en-US', 'trusted_hosts' => null, 'trusted_proxies' => null, 'session' => array('handler_id' => null), 'fragments' => null, 'http_method_override' => true), array('router' => array('resource' => '/var/www/vhosts/vogueuk.co.uk/addon/USA062016/newusa/catalog/app/config/routing_dev.yml', 'strict_requirements' => true), 'profiler' => array('only_exceptions' => false))), object(ContainerBuilder)) in MergeExtensionConfigurationPass.php line 59
  6. at MergeExtensionConfigurationPass->process(object(ContainerBuilder)) in MergeExtensionConfigurationPass.php line 39
  7. at MergeExtensionConfigurationPass->process(object(ContainerBuilder)) in Compiler.php line 102
  8. at Compiler->compile(object(ContainerBuilder)) in ContainerBuilder.php line 583
  9. at ContainerBuilder->compile() in bootstrap.php.cache line 2758
  10. at Kernel->initializeContainer() in bootstrap.php.cache line 2533
  11. at Kernel->boot() in bootstrap.php.cache line 2564
  12. at Kernel->handle(object(Request), '1', false) in index.php line 86


Anyone has any ideea why is this happening? or how to fix it?

I`ve tried re-uploading the website, managed to log into BO -> SEO & URL page, to check if base uri is written ok, tried other pages, like administration, or catalog, or performance, they all gave a blank page. Went back to Seo&URL page, activated Friendly URL, and after that, couldn`t access BO anymore. 



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Check if the file debug.xml is on the folder  /vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Bundle/FrameworkBundle/Resources/config/debug.xml

Perhaps it wasn't loaded.

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Hi. Thanks for the help, I`ve reuploaded the website and the problem seems to have dissapeared. I belive @selectshop.at is right.

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hello everyone , I really have this similar problem but I didn't change anything , I need help please Thanks you

PS Attached files


Capture d’écran 2019-03-02 à 01.31.03.png

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