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SQL query - how to find product quantity?


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I'm using the following query. I've found that recently, the last few products that I've added all have a quantity of 0 (psproduct.quantity)...which is impossible because if I look in the database, as well as the back office, I can see it's not 0.

At first I thought it was due to using combinations, but that's not the case. I looked at some other products that use combinations and the quantity is correct. It seems to only affect recently added products. Is there something I'm missing with this query?

SELECT DISTINCT psproduct.id_product, psproductlang.name, psproductlang.description, psproduct.price, psproduct.quantity, psproduct.reference, psproduct.active, psproduct.id_category_default

FROM ps_product as psproduct LEFT JOIN ps_product_lang psproductlang ON
psproduct.id_product=psproductlang.id_product LEFT JOIN ps_category_product pscategoryproduct ON
psproductlang.id_product=pscategoryproduct.id_product LEFT JOIN ps_category_lang pscategorylang ON

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