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Installation sur FileZilla

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J'ai téléchargé Prestashop.
J'ai rentré mes données personnelles relatives à mon site internet sur FileZila.

Puis j'ai transféré le contenu du fichier Prestashop décompressé dans mon dossier situé dans "site distant" sur FileZila. Et puis, là, que dois-je faire ensuite pour achever l'installation de Prestashop, car là, rien ne se passe.

Merci à tous.


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Exemple donné ici en Anglais:

Now that you have the necessary components installed on your hosting server, there are a few things to check before installing the PrestaShop e-Commerce software.

1. Create a database for your store, or use the database designated by your hosting company.
2. Turn on GD Library functionality. On a default installation of PHP, the GD Library is turned off. The standard Windows instructions are:
1. In the root directory of your PHP folder, open the php.ini file.
2. Uncomment the line extension=php_gd2.dll (about half-way through the file, in the middle of a long list of extensions) by deleting the ;
3. Restart the services.
3. Download the PrestaShop e-Commerce solution software.
4. Unzip the PrestaShop ZIP archive anywhere on your hard drive.
5. Upload the contents (not the folder itself) of the /prestashop folder to the root directory (e.g., http://www.mysite.com/) of your hosting server via FTP. You can also upload the files to a subdirectory you’ve created (e.g., http://www.mysite.com/prestashop/) if you wish to keep your root homepage separate.
6. While you have your FTP connected to your Web hosting server, make sure the following PrestaShop folders have ‘write’ permissions (also known as “CHMOD 777” – explanation of file permissions here) but do not apply these permissions recursively (to their subfolders): /config, /upload, /download, /tools/smarty/compile. Then make sure the following folders have ‘write’ permissions and apply these permissions recursively (to their subfolders): /img, /mails, /modules, /themes/prestashop/lang, /translations
7. In a Web browser, launch the Installer by adding install to your shop’s URL (e.g., http://www.mysite.com/prestashop/install).
8. Upon completing the PrestaShop Installer wizard, use your FTP software to navigate to your /prestashop folder. There, delete the /install folder and rename the /admin folder (for example, /admin123 or, even better, /xyz789). This is for security reasons. If later you forget the name you gave the /admin folder, you can confirm its name via your FTP browser.

Congratulations! Installation is now complete.

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