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Changing, combinations to display thumbnails of attributes


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I am gradually changing prestashop to fit a furniture company, which has some complicated demands on the system.

Although I am fairly adept at writing php, even this is challenging me to no end.

I'm trying to alter the combinations to do something different with the attribute groups and attributes. Instead of selecting the group name and option then pressing add, it needs to display the thumbnail(attribute assigned), name of fabric(attribute) and a checkbox.

Something similar to a grid of thumbnails with checkboxes allowing you to select, which one to assign to the product.

And each grid needs to be separate of the each other attribute group. (sounds a little confusing i know).

The product combination generator is good, but when you want three different attribute groups separate and not have them appear on the invoice or checkout it doesn't work and it creates a massive database log and doesn't work properly.

Currently I am altering the admin/tabs/adminproducts.php to try and improve the functionality and it would be great if anyone could help or add any input on how to make this happen.

Thank you

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