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[SOLVED] new item --- control


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In the beginning of opening shop, every item is new item.
But among all, I want particular items to be shown, in the home, when
I put my new item into the frontpage (center)

How can I select 20 new items (among 100) that could be shown in the new
(among three: new, topseller, special category that are shown in home.)

Thanks in advance - ^^

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Yes, let's say I have all products are new because I just opened the shop.
The default setting is like that, right?

And I decide to show a few products(new01, new10, new12)
among new (new01-new100) to be shown in the category "new"
of the home page.

In the home page, I want to select the new01, new10, new12 to be shown.
How can I do that?

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Don't know if there's another way, but I changed mine via phpmyadmin.
Change the "date added" for your selected products (you'll have to do it one at a time) in the ps_product table.
Also, check in your BO > Preferences > Products, how many days you have the products set to remain new.
Hope this helps

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