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Custom fields during the order process


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Hello !

First of all sorry for my awful english, I'm trying to be clear.

I would like to add some custom field to the order (delivery date and time).

I've found a "tutorial" yesterday, I've tried it, but no luck :
- edited the order class -> added two new variable $date_delivery and $time_delivery
- edited the order-carrier.tpl -> added two input

My problem is : it seems there is no connection between db and ui, so my fields doesn't save to the db.
(I also like add them to the outcome order confirmation e-mail , but it's anoter problem and maybe I can solve it, if I solve this problem).

What am I missing ? I spend the whole night to figure this out, but no positive result ....

Thank you for your time and help.

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Hi again !

Nobody ? I can't solve this so far...

I've tried to workaround with session / cookie variables, but no luck.

I've used session/cookie variables in two files :

- to write : order.php
- to read : paymentmodule.php

But when I arrive to the payment part of the order process sometimes the value of these variables are missing ... I used the session_start() each page, but nothing ....

So my question, how can I extend the order process (and of course the SQL table behind it) with a new variable (date and time of the shipping) ?


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