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I recently created a modue and it works! except, while the user saves the configuration in the backend it excepts the request but, still says at the top of the modules tab "You still need to configure your scroller" If anyone wants to give me a hand with this that would be great, if you have any ideas why this is??. I'll send or paste the code if needed!

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Check the value of the $this->warning variable in the contructor of your module. For example, here's the warning code from the constructor of the Bank Wire module:

if (!isset($this->owner) OR !isset($this->details) OR !isset($this->address))
   $this->warning = $this->l('Account owner and details must be configured in order to use this module correctly');
if (!sizeof(Currency::checkPaymentCurrencies($this->id)))
   $this->warning = $this->l('No currency set for this module');

If there is a warning, set it to the warning message. If there is no warning, leave the variable blank.

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