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Misplaced Right Column and empty categories PrestaShop v0.9.7 RC1

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I just installed v0.9.7. and at launch (with no changes), the supposed "right column" is below the left column (as attached image <error.jpg>). Furthermore, for example I click "Accessories" under "categories" only the left column is displayed, everything else "disappears"/ does not show except logo n "welcome" on the top right (as attached image <error2.jpg>). Then again when i use the "search" function or click on an item in the main page, everything seems fine (unless i missed something <search.jpg>).


I was trying out v0.9.5.2 until I saw "cash on delivery" module (require this module for payment  :-) in v0.9.7 today. Please advice. Thanks.




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