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[SOLVED] minimum order quantity (yes...again) workaround


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being a switcher from ZenCart to prestashop, i need a way to set a minimum order quantity per product. This should be a basic requirement of any e-commerce system. I spent so much time looking around for a solution, a workaround that does'nt seem to exist. Waiting for version 1.4 is not an option. I wanted to know how you're doing?
Saw so many (Google is your "friend" ??) shops with mention about minimum order requierements , but of course, it's still possible to order a single item in their shop - instead of 10, 50, or 100 products.

Finally, I would like to display the unit price in the catalog, and the price for 5 (the minimum requiered) items in the cart.
Someone know how to do that ? Any suggestions ?

Thank you for reading

a poor switcher using version 1.3.2

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Yeah, finally i came back to this solution. It was provided by Ningu (many thanks to him).
Here the thread :


is in french, so a short translation of ningus workaround :

add this in order.php

/* added */
$nbProds = $cart->nbProducts();
if ( ($nbProds > 0) AND ($nbProds%6 <>0) )
   $step = 0;
   $errors[] = Tools::displayError('The number of bottles you order must be multiple of 6');
/* eof */

after this :

if (!$cookie->isLogged() AND in_array($step, array(1, 2, 3)))

and before

if ($cart->nbProducts())
   /* Manage discounts */
   if ((Tools::isSubmit('submitDiscount') OR isset($_GET['submitDiscount'])) AND Tools::getValue('discount_name'))

This is a workaround, the solution is not perfect, but will still do the job if ALL of your products have the same minimum order quantity (in this case 6)
thanks again to Ningu.

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I've installed version 1.4 and it doesn't have the solution for this!


And the file order.php does not have that line either.!


Any ideas?






Hi Pablo,

When you edit each product in the catalog, you should have the option to edit a the minimum quantity. Please let me know if this works for you.



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Hello Mike,


This is not what we're waiting for i think.


We would like to impose multiple quantity to custumer, not only minimum quantity,


I mean, for exemple we're selling tea, in 50/100/250/500 grams, and actually I use attribute for this. But like this, i cannot have the right stock level in prestashop, because there is one stock for 50 grams, one for 100 grams, etc...


I would like to create my article at 1 gram, and propose custumer to order XX sachets 50 grams, 100 grams, etc, using different price rules for each.

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Hi Mike,


I also need same kind of feature. Is there is any update? Will I get such feature in prestashop? So that we can sell products using one listing with different pack-size attribute.


Many thanks


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