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Shipwire Order fulfillment

Shipwire Order Fulfillment Module

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Hello PrestaShop Community,

A potential customer pointed me out to your shopping cart solution and forum. The customer wanted to connect Shipwire with PrestaShop and had asked us whether there was an existing connection. I am not aware of one and after searching the forum I didn't see any discussion of one.

I am posting a bit of information to see if there are any third party developers that are interested in integrating Shipwire to PrestaShop.

Shipwire is an ecommerce order fulfillment service. We offer pick pack, shipping, logistics and transportation services out of warehouses in the U.S., Canada and the UK (Los Angeles, Chicago, Reno, Toronto, Vancouver, East Sussex outside of London in the United Kingdom). We plug into most carriers including USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL, Fedex Freight, Eurotrux, Canada Post, RoyalMail, TNT, Pharos, Parcel Force and a couple others depending on the warehouse.

We have a complete set of tested production API's http://www.shipwire.com/help/c/how-it-works/developer-tools/

I'm happy to say we are about to release another set of API's for developers to pull real-time shipping quotes more easily.

If there is anybody interested in working with me please connect to me through this forum or better yet review our partner program www.shipwire.com/partner

I hope there is somebody interested or if you have a developer you would recommend I can pass it along to the merchant who asked.

Appreciate your time.

Nate G.
Shipwire team

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Hello Everybody,

It has happened again. A PrestaShop user has contacted Shipwire asking that we become compatible with PrestaShop.

Shipwire would like to support the PrestaShop developer community by sponsoring a module to connect the PrestaShop API's to the Shipwire API's.

There is money in this! multiple merchants have indicated a need; we have a partner program that can generate long-term revenue and I will put co-development funds on the table for a successful/tested connection to our API.

If the community knows of the right developer that I should talk to please let me know via private message. The right developer has experience with the PrestaShop underlying code for: shipping module, fulfillment module, warehouse, product fulfillment, order fulfillment, USPS, Royal Mail, UPS, fedex.

If you are seriously interested in doing a module please private message me, contact me at info@shipwire.com or respond to this thread.


We have a pretty lucrative partner program that I'm willing to reinforce with the right developer or the PrestaShop team if they are interested. http://www.shipwire.com/partner

I will reach out to the Prestashop team as well to see if they know anybody.

Thank you and I hope we can get this module going.

Nate Gilmore
Shipwire Product Fulfillment

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I am also looking into a prestashop/shiwire integration and would even fund the development except its impossible getting a straight answer out of shipwire. Have taken to looking elsewhere. Does anyone have an alternative to shipwire? Someone that doesnt answer every question with "Just sign up for a free account and test it yourself"?

At this stage I am looking at amazon fulfillment and these guys as a possibility.


Have emailed them about integration.

Does Prestashop integrate with Amazon?

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An update to this, Efulfillmentservice have responded favourably and are preparing a detailed quote, as are Webgistix. Decided not to go with Amazon, too close to a competitor considering they sell direct.
Still nothing from Shipwire.

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