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[SOLVED] New Category template with products with pictures and combinations... one step closer... Need help with javascript libraries


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Hello all,

I have post in several forums if this category view was possibe (to show all the products with pictures and combination and a add cart button for each product) and the answer was always negative... so I decide to give a try and take a look on the code to see what is possible to be done.

Basically I was moving some code from product.php inside a loop in category.php, for each product just called the smarty product template too. This seemed easy in my head but after two days I am still trying to make it work.

I have reach a point where some results can be shown, the two products with all their pictures in the same page.
(category arcade warrarior)
but in the second product, the javascript doesnt seem to work. here is where I would like to ask for the help of some javascript expert if any. this is my first time dealing with jQuery, jqzoom and others


I dont really know which one is the one in charge of doing the change of the image and the horizontal scroll... jqzoom i guess not.

something I should be aware of? any tip? any help? any good software to debug javascript? I am only using firebug but i am newbie with it.

please find attach the files i modified so far. category.php is locate in the root and the other two in your theme folder.

Hope someone can join me to achieve the goal.

have a nice day! Cheers!


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I figured out yesterday night. I have been struggling with jQuery how to go through the whole DOM tree and register the method displayImage for each 'view_block li a' element. I didnt know how to make a loop so what I did is to set a maximum of 5 product in the category list and create manually 5 hover hooks...

    //hover 'other views' images management
   $('#views_block1 li a').hover(

       //hover 'other views' images management
   $('#views_block2 li a').hover(

the I put a counter in category.php and create those view_block[index]... and it works!


just in case someone is interested in this ...


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