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Suggestions: Translating modules one by one


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This corresponds to a "Module Translations." Some prestashop users experience failure when they translate the module via "Module Translations." Examples of failure that often occurs, for example:

1. all modules are not successfully translated, or

2. only some modules are successfully translated, while the rest is blank.

This may be caused by "post data" that is sent is too large due to so many modules that exist in the modules directory (and all modules are used).

To resolve this problem, some people suggested that we raise the value of post_max_size in php.ini, for example, increased to 32M, 64M, or even 128M. When trying these suggestions, still fail to translate all the modules, or only partially successful translate the module, while the rest is empty. And in fact, most hosting companies limit the use of value post_max_size or restrict access to php.ini.

Therefore I suggest that the modules translation is separated only for each module. In other words, Prestashop users can translate each module one by one, so not all modules at once translated. Even if necessary, translation of the module can be restricted to the module that was installed only, while for the module that has not been installed is not a priority for translation.

That's all suggestion from me. Thank you. :)

Note: I also sent this suggestion to http://www.prestashop.com/bug_tracker/view/5914/

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