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Problems 'passing' a $product object from PHP to a smarty template... always lost


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Good morning,

i am newbie working with smarty but web developer for a few years. I need to customize the product list and I decide to play a bit with the templates and php. but, I am having problem to discover how to pass a product object to the smarty template...
concretely I am modifying category.php, I want to make a loop of products and call several times the smarty template to visualize some info from each product. (my goal is to show the combinations for each product). so far I only have a toy example but I cannot make it work! could someone tell me where is my syntax mistake?


foreach($cat_products as $key => $product)


echo "Before template " . $cat_products[$key]['id_product']."


$smarty->assign('product', $cat_products[$key]);



{include file=$tpl_dir./errors.tpl}


nothing is shown from the template, only the id echoed from PHP file. I also tried to create a new Product object inside the loop but it doesn't seem to work either...

please could someone point out where is my big mistake??

thanks a lot in advance.
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well, i didnt manage to make it work even using more directives I found in Smarty website.
I also tried $smarty->assign(array('product' => $product)) and I directly didnt get nothing at all.. I guess was an error 500 but I couldnt see it.

so I think no complex structures are allowed to use in smarty templates. I tried to assign simple strings and that seems to work. Also discovered that the object is converted to a associated arrat inside the loop so the access to the properties is different. finally looks like following...

foreach($cat_products as $key => $product)

and the template just


but this is very annoying as product object has a lot of properties ... if someone knows how to pass the whole object please give me a shout...

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I don't understand why you are having problems. You can just pass the whole $product object in with the following:

$smarty->assign('product', $product);

Then you can use $product->name to get the name. For an array of products called $products, you use:

{foreach from=$products item=$product}

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