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Selling Photos Online


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Hi everyone.

I need to create a website which can sell photos (physical purchase of a print NOT DOWNLOADABLE).
The photos are of seperate events which i would create seperate catagories for each event. However there can be up to 200 photos per event.

They need to be uploaded with out any product description and a single attribute drop down menu with different options that can have the selected photo printed eg:
6x4 +£2.00
8x6 +£4.00

Now, because each event has up to 200 photos, and there maybe 3 events per week, I don't want to have to upload each photo as a seperate product as it would take forever.

So, is there any way around this?

Obviously what would be great would be to upload all the photos at once and then the shop apply the same attributes to all. The product names don't matter, it could just be the image file name or something.

I hope theres a simple way around this.
Any help would be great.

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You could use the CSV import to create the products and assign images and attributes. Upload all the images to an directory on your server using FTP, then create a product CSV file and put an absolute link to each image in the "image URL" column. You can then create an attribute CSV file with all the image combinations. Since they are the same for each product, it should be easy to copy and paste for each product. See here for more information.

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