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Several threads about this but no answers from the development team. Now that PrestaShop is at 1.3.2 is there any chance in the near future it can start using a minimum of jQuery 1.3.2, 1.4.3 would be preferred? jQuery 1.2.6 is SOOOO obsolete now that nobody is developing plugins that will work with it and none of the cool effects out right now are compatible with it at all. Therefore there is no way of integrating prestashop with current websites using 1.3.2 or above.

For instance we have pages using jQuery 1.4.3 and 1.3.2 depending on the effects. The blockcart is called into a few of the pages. However, blockcart requires jQuery 1.2.6 with easing 1.3. Seems easing won't be being developed anymore either so it may be time to start looking into a replacement for that too.

Unfortunately I have not figured out how to run two versions of jQuery on the same page. Don't really see that happening any time soon either.

Can we please hear from the development team on this?

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There is a feature request here with 32 comments, so it is popular request. It is still only marked as "Awaiting review". I noticed that jQuery v1.4.2 is being used in the Back Office of PrestaShop v1.4, but the Front Office is still using jQuery v1.2.6. The PrestaShop team doesn't monitor the forums like they do the bug tracker, so you will be lucky to get a response here. I'm not sure how to bring this issue to the attention of the PrestaShop team, since a feature request already exists. Hopefully, the PrestaShop team will remove the dependency on jQuery v1.2.6 in the Front Office and use v1.4.2 like they are in the Back Office.

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Yah easing and tabs are probably what they are hung up on in the frontend. I tried converting to jQuery 1.4 and those were my two issues. Was able to upgrade everything else with just a couple of bugs.

It's a bummer they don't hang out on here to hear the cries of their peers and users.

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