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Shipping carrier name in cart page


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Hello. I'm trying to show the carrier name in the cart page next to the "shipping" label. At the moment I can see only the label "shipping" and the price, but not the carrier name associated with that shipping rate showed. The file is cart-detailed-totals.tpl inside folder /themes/mytheme/templates/checkout/_partials/steps. Code interested is the following:

{foreach from=$cart.subtotals item="subtotal"}
      {if $subtotal.value && $subtotal.type !== 'tax'}
        <div class="cart-summary-line" id="cart-subtotal-{$subtotal.type}">
          <span class="label{if 'products' === $subtotal.type} js-subtotal{/if}">
            {if 'products' == $subtotal.type}
          {if $subtotal.type === 'discount'}
            <span class="value">-{$subtotal.value}</span>
            <span class="value">{$subtotal.value}</span>
          {if $subtotal.type === 'shipping'}
              <div><small class="value">{hook h='displayCheckoutSubtotalDetails' subtotal=$subtotal}</small></div>

Thank you,


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for you shipping geeks, I don't think having carrie in cart such a good idea....but you might like this idea....who would not?


six months of dev/testing...hence the reason I don't think 'in cart' that useful...

Cheers, el

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