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jCarousel Module Development Question

Lisa G

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MOVED THIS POST OVER TO THE "THIRD PARTY MODULES" Forum section. Seemed more appropriate to post it there.

My partner and I are in the process of having our custom designed template be sliced and integrated with PrestaShop Back Office and setup.

The template has several custom modules that are needed to allow the site to function as desired.
Our programmer has quoted us "effort" in hours to create these modules.

Does anyone have any experience with the development of a custom module to be able to tell me would 24 hours be needed to create the following module?

jCarousel Module for Home Page
From this module we would be able to manage jpeg images (up to 5) and manage linking the jpeg to a featured product found in our catalog.
No text management necessary.
The module would prevent us from having to go into the necessary .tpl file to manage the images and links.

Examples of how the function would look:


Since I am unfamiliar with programming I cannot tell if this would be a reasonable request for an experienced developer to create this module.

Thanks for any help.

Kind regards,

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It really depends on what you want. There is already a free module for jCarousel.

I took the jCarousel module and replaced the plugin with the Infinate Carousel using most of the same code. Took me a couple of hours, I think.
JCarousel didn't really work for me.

You can see mine at www.partreports.com It is continuous and doesn't have the controls.

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