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[Solved] Possible shipping bug (V 1.3.2)


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Anyone else suffering from this, or something similar...

I am shipping based on weight. I have two carriers.

One carrier has a number of weight ranges from 0-10kg 0-0.1, 0.101-0.25, then increasing by .25kg until it reaches 2kg, then by 1kg steps up to 10kg.

The second carrier has a single weight range of 10.001-99kg and a correspondingly large shipping fee.

The first carrier is the default, and is set to be disabled when the cart weight is out of range.

However, if I add a product to the cart and the weight is exactly that of the upper weight range (0.1kg, 0.25kg, 0.5kg etc) for the first carrier, then the shipping fee for carrier two is being applied.

A workaround seems to be to set the upper weight in the range to be x.xx0001, but it caught me out for a while before noticing it.

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Thanks for that.

Looks like it's just me being inept, rather than a bug then :red:

However, at least I know now. And looking at the shipping module a little more carefully, it does seem that it's perfectly obvious.

Thanks for the tip.

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