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[SOLVED] Change text color in products list


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It must be easy but i can't do it :-).

In the products list (product-list.tpl), i'd like to change the title's color and the short descrption's color (title in white and description in grey). But when I try to change that in global.css, both colors change at the same time, either in white or in grey. So I always have all in black or all in grey. But I need the title in white and the description in grey.

Any idea?



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You are right. Both are using the same code on lines 1432-1426 in the /* product-list.tpl */ section of global.css:

ul#product_list li a {
   text-decoration: none;
   color: #374853

I think you will need to add code like this to change the description to a different colour:

ul#product_list li p.product_desc a {
   color: #fff

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