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The code is:


The piece is the "Line Item String" should be replaced with the amount of the sale. That should take a form: prod: 100.00: qty: 1 100.00 which is the total value of sales without VAT (in qty: 1 remains unchanged regardless of the number of products sold).

In the Transaction ID you must specify your own order number - unique ID that gets every transaction.

Warning: if the check out thank you page you are encrypted (eg via SSL), then at the beginning, instead of http, need to put https.

Eg If the total value of sales is 50 million final price (ie no tax is 40.65), and the order number is 325, then the code should be this:

where if the page is encrypted the http should be replaced with https.

In page will now move the code; I called upon to find the code that takes the price without tax, and the product code

Where LINE_ITEM_STRING the code from the page for the eShop product price without tax

Where TRANSACTION_ID the code from the eShop page that reads the product code number.

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