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Yes i have downloaded it

but i need to know the clear installation steps.

how it will be act? as a module ?

i unzipped it and put it in modules folder. then i have checked in admin /modules section .

folder name "newscore".

i didn't see any name like this in admin end to install it.

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yes i am seeing your screen shot.

after installation only you are seeing this.

my problem is ,

installation is the problem. newscore folder i have downloaded it from the forum contribution section and unzipped then i put it in modules folder

then i have go to admin section and checked the same folder. i didn't see it. that is my problem

i did anything wrong?

one more questions, i need blog module but its news

you mean both are same?

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Simply uploading the newscore directory to your modules directory should be enough for it to display on your Modules tab. I can't think of any other reason why the modules wouldn't display.

You can simply change the text from "News" to "Blog" and it should do what you want. It gives you entries and categories much like Wordpress. Is that not what you mean by "Blog"?

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I also don't know the problem why its not displaying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes, in admin section we can post blog or news caegories and questions

in user end, customers can view these all right?

i need some interactive blogs , like allowing visitors to leave comments and even message each other

is it possible?

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