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Hello everyone, I would like to understand what was the best solution to make the site url and especially the products as frinedly as possible.

I read and received several tips that go against each other so I ask the opinion of the community on what are in your opinion the best solutions that can be implemented to give google a legible url.

Some say to install modules like some that are nell'addons, I have no problem buying the most famous form but I have doubts as some experts in the field have advised me to purchase certain modules, but in discussions to which I assisted was pointed out that any form to change the url does more damage than anything else and that does not bring any benefit in terms of seo if not penalties.

Having a url to the product similar to this https://www.mysite.com/fiori-secchi/3-18-rosa-nera-cm-15.html#/1-cm-15/7-spine-no/8 -selection-flowers / 21-weight-2 due to the various associated attributes the ideal would be to have url similar to this https://www.mysite.com/fiori-secchi/rosa-nera-cm-15.html or better https : //www.miosito.it/fiori-secchi/rosa-nera-cm-15

to get a similar result, how do you think it's better to behave, buy a module or do it by hand? and in case of intervention by hand what would be the correct procedure for not creating disasters?

Any opinion or intervention will be appreciated, even just a consideration on the taboo module vs hand intervention.

Thank you all.

PS: final .html better to delete it?

Prestashop version:

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