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[SOLVED] Pictures not showing up


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Thanks Rocky, the matter is [solved] after reading your reply.

The problem was occurring both in Chrome and IE, so it was not a browser issue.

What had happened is that "root/img/....." structure had changed to "root/images/img/.....". This had broken all the image links.

Reason for this was some un-noticed drag 'n drop on my part, while using Filezilla. Got to be careful ;-).

Further, my site is at a very preliminary level now (almost the default), I want to build it a little bit, (at least to make it little different looking than the default ;-)), then I will show the site to you and everyone.

Thanks again.

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Hello every one...finally the site is online....
Whenever you get a little time please do have a look, and let me know how is it. I would be really grateful if you could give me some suggestions on how to improve it further.
Thank you very much.

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