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Hook for modify object


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How you see into idea add hooks for add/update/delete object?
They may be called in postProcess method of AdminTab.
It may be usefull for developers, because help simply add new functional.
Params of hook handler may be instance of object (returned by loadObject method).

May create different hook for different kind of events (add/update/move/delete etc.) or one hook and pass type of modification into handler as parameter.

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It's not enough add your hook in presta DB. You also need add piece of code, which run this hook in prestashop core files

In general some chages can be doing in AdminTab->postProcess(). But in particular cases (picture upload), can be need something else.

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i tried to find for "adminorders.php" the "cancelproduct" hook for example
i didn't find any reference to "cancelproduct" in postprocess.
Just data in ps_hook hook_id 39.

And i can't find what's inside this hook. It could help me understand how it works

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Is hook_id 39 your own created hook?
What you mean about inside of hook? after hook run by call

Module::hookExec($hook_name, $hookArgs = array(), $id_module = NULL)

will be executed all modules, registered in this hook (with name $hook_name)
In your case seems you need add call of Module::hookExec() in AdminOrder::postProcess(), somewhere after

/* Cancel product from order */
elseif (Tools::isSubmit('cancelProduct') AND Validate::isLoadedObject($order = new Order(intval(Tools::getValue('id_order')))))

and every modules, registered in this hook will be executed.
Also I recommend you carefuly investigate code of


method. This help you understand some things inside.

if you have any more questions, you can write me private message or over ICQ.

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So there is any way to add a new hook with a module? i create few extra hooks in db and that, also i assing at Frontcontroller.php like 'HOOK_EXTRA1' => Module::hookExec('extra1'), i don't like this way because tomorrow or something a new frontcontroller.php will be release by prestashop and that is a mess!


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