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Getting the Currency and Language for a Live Search


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Hi I am currently developing a custom live search for my website

And I created some files in blocksearch folder in modules and got stuck with the problem when trying to retrieve the id_lang and id_currency so that i can filter my results and show different prices..

Can any one help me sort out which files I have to include in order to gain access to the cookie . Here is my code

Filename : search.php
Path : /modules/blocksearch/search.php



if($_REQUEST['type'] == "results")

$name = stripslashes($_REQUEST['query']);

$result622 = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS('SELECT * FROM `search_results_now` WHERE `id_lang` = 1 AND `keywords` LIKE \'%'.$name.'%\' ORDER by priority ASC LIMIT 10');

foreach ($result622 as $row)
if($row['priority'] == 3 || $row['priority'] == 2 )
  echo ''.$row['product_name'].' '.$_REQUEST['id_currency'].''.$row['price'].'';

   echo ''.$row['product_name'].'';





This page is like has noting to do with presta. How can I make it a page that I can access every presta config / var ? like blocksearch.php for example ?

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