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[Solved] How to remove Crawl Errors??


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I wonder how can I get rid of these crawl errors. specially 404s.

I've another problem when I open some of the links(not all) they just appears fine. but I don't why google webmaster has considered them as 404 too.

Any advise will be really helpful.



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I think There is nothing much we could do about this. when the google re-index our site, errors will go down, but still if there are 404s that means they are really not found on your website. you can ask google\webmaster to remove such URLs.

Refer here for more details.

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This problem already exists since the installation of my store in January. I thought that in time Google will solve this but it did not happen.
In Webmaster Tools I got thousands of 404 errors. The number varies, at first it was around 4500, went down to 800 and now is slowly rising again.
I have 110 products in my store, htaccess enabled, canonical url enabled, friendly url enabled.


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