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Virtual credit for low prices


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;-) Hi everyone.
I'd like to know if exist a module where i can permit in my shop buy credit and the client can get a virtual credit in their personal page for buying products cheapest or with prices under the value the transaction permit. :red: I'm sorry for my English but I'll explain with an example

:question: A client wants to buy a product ( cost 1€ ) but to pay with (pay pal, or other way) is not possible. Everybody knows, in that case is necessary create a virtual credit, where my client can buy a packet ( 20€, 60€ 100€ ) like a virtual credit. The value will be shown in the client's personal page and every time he(she) buys a product low cost he(she) could use the virtual credit. I think that is the idea.

somebody help me... I think this tool will be useful for our community. Thanks a lot ;-)

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