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(please someone know?) Front office security - on or off?


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Well for me I have this issue that after logged in as a customer and adding a product to the cart and preparing to check out i cannot delete the product via the cart ONLY from the cart summation but not from the carrier page (from the ajaxcart) until i reach payment. The token is in the source but when hovering the delete icon on the cart it does not show(check image and se the info in the bottom bar on the browser). As you can see no token on the the cart delete icon.

I think there is a issue with the database or the token key because i have updated all files and not deleted any functions at all.

The funny thing is that i have updated all (yes all) files in my shop and transferred the adjustments i have done in the tpl files after the latest update as an attempt to get rid of the problem without success. I have also tried to change all the modules to original to see if the issue disappears, also this without success - i guess I have to uncheck the "front office thing" in admin. What is it for btw?



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