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Multiple stores with same cookie

Bruno Chavez

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Hi to all

I have a problem, I have 10 stores, all created by prestashop, really cool, every store have his own subdomain:



only in mystores.com (this is a dummy domain only for the example), the client can register and loggin… every stores have his own db and independent installation.

When I login in mystores.com automatically I need to be loggedin in all stores… Is this possible…

I think not impossible, how, well the login is used by a cookie, if I replicate the users tables to all the stores, then the user have the same id in all the stores. I put the subdomains in the master store prestashop admin, but doesnt work…

Please is very very very important that I can do this…

Can you give me a little help????


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It's possible indeed. There is alright some posts on the forum about it.

Once solution is to use the Mysql view, on somes tables customer customer_group

for exemple the customer table, from the database of mysite2.mydomain.com

create view ps_customer as select * from databasemysite1.mydomain.com.ps_customer

You need to have the same _COOKIE_KEY_ in all setting.inc.php of every site, the COOKIE_KEY from mysite1.mydomain.com

Before doing anything you should backup all your database, because you will needs to del the ps_customer table on the

If you use differents users for the acces of each database, you will need to change the privilege on the table customer and customer_group

With this configuration when i customer create an account on one of your site, he will can login to all other shop

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Ok, Really tks, I see I'm not so crazy and the power of the prestashop is big...

I create the views, to the principal database... but mysql don't accept me the domain let me explain you:

create view ps_customer as select * from dbsite1.mydomain.com.ps_customer

Tell me that there are a syntax error, then, for now that all the tables are in the same mysql instalation I use:

create view ps_customer as select * from dbsite1.ps_customer

And works fine but What happen if I need to send other stores in other server... ???

Well I create the views, modify the key to make all equals, but still with the same problem, I login in the root: mydomain.com and when I go to the site1.mydomain.com appear logged off and I still need to login... what can I do???

Now, I have a problem, I see a lot of tables in the mysql, and I don't know what tables I need to create the view because there are too many, do you have a guide about the tables, about what info store each table??

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Hi everybody

I doit... yeaahhhh

I go to mysite.com, then Login and when I go to site1.mysite.com I still login... now the problem is that when I try to logout from site1.mysite.com I can't logout I need to go to mysite.com and make the logout... and to make this working fine I need to login in mystie.com I cant login in stie1.mysite.com that's not big deal, the problem is the logout... do you have any idea???

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  • 3 months later...

Have you tried to log in to admin panel? is it working for you?

edit: my setup is different because I have installed the shops in different folders, same domain.
I updated also classes/Cookie to use the same path for the cookie and still I have your problem when logging out. I'll debug it further.

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