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(SOLVED)Invalid token cart problem after login


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I cant delete from cart when in in "cart" page. it works fine though to do that from the cart when around in the shop.
I have found out that the "var token" = '4406a942... differs when i check the pages source.
Also i seen when hovers the little bin icon (the cart module) there are no product id shown (img). But only on the "cart" page.

"edit" It is only when logged in.

I have tried to replace the cart module and shoping-cart.tpl without progress - i don´t get it what is wrong.

Please anyone!

//regards Stefan


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it is funny because it works fine on a fresh presta install but i have not changed any "sensitive" code in installation.

I would not be surprised if the problem is in the database in somehow or maybe the testcustomer i have made.
I have tried to uninstall and install modules ant templatefiles without any success. Very frustration indeed:)

I will try transfer everything to a fresh install and create a new customer and see what happens.

Hopefully someone with knowledge will see this:)

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