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Price Calculation with many combinations


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Hey there!

I'm trying to set up a prestashop for my [spam-filter] for several weeks now. Problem is, that she does have a bulk of combination (I'm trying to get it to max 3.000 per product because of the limits prestashop has) and the price calculation is tricky here.

There are some attributes like "PAPER", "PRINTING_TYPE" and "ENVELOPE" which has a additive price impact on every single item, the "QUANTITY" should be selectable over a dropdown (25, 50, ..., 200) which multiplies the precalculated value and then a general price should be added for the creation and designing. There are a few other attributes with no price impact like "PAPER_COLOR" and "ENVELOPE_COLOR". So, the formular looks like:

(Paper + Printing Type + Envelope) * Quantity + DesignCost

Because I don't see a way to perform this calculation in the backoffice I've created a excel sheet which does the calculation for me. For one article it has around 2600 rows now, but the import always gets canceled (after taking 40 minutes for 31%). Does anyone knows a better way to do this calculation or getting the import working?

I've imported smaller files before, but when it goes to around 100 combinations, the article is no longer editable and I'm getting a HTTP 500 error, so I only can delete the article and create a new one.

Prestashop with Leo_Leblanc_Theme

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