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how to hook right cloumn to below the homepage content, and adjust right column module position and width.


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Hi, good day.

I saw a website which is http://www.cyclesetsports.com/lang-en/ .

1. I would like to follow it`s way to put the right column below the homepage content, and will show up at every page. Just like http://www.cyclesetsports.com/lang-en/.

2. how to adjust the right column module position like http://www.cyclesetsports.com/lang-en/ website?

3. How to add a background color with width 100%, just like http://www.cyclesetsports.com/lang-en/ website?

Honestly, I really appreciate for prestashop forum and also all the expert who always willing to help people solve the problem.

Really thanks a lot, you make us become expert too. :)




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