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Looking for beta testers for a new Presta Add-on

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I have developped a standalone Windows application to access a Prestashop database and edit rapidly some data (product prices, attributes,... etc).

The tests done with the local ( version of a mysql presta DB is working perfectly. However, I realized I cannot access my remote mysql DB because my shared server is blocking external access (access to the DB is allowed only from the server itself, through PHP code or PHPMyAdmin).
Searching a bit on the net, I learned my application would work only with a private server with the sql external port opened (1003 ?) or on shared servers providing SSH service.

I found a few providers supporting SSH on their shared servers: OVH (from Pro pack), DIN'Hosting, VALA (from Pro pack), MavenHosting,...

I'm looking for a few volonteers, having sites hosted on a private server or on a platform providing SSH, to beta test my application.
SSH is totally new to me, first thing unclear to me, is if the connection to the database, with SSH, requires a change to coding, or if a PuTTy (a well known SSH client) connection need to be run prior to it...

Indeed, in return to your help, you'll get a free licence of the application.

To apply, please contact me by private email: franck_bugnet at yahoo.fr
I need to know:
-If you own a site hosted on a private server, allowing external access to MySql database
-or If you own a site hosted on a shared server, with SSH activated
-Name of your hosting provider
-Time available for testing, motivation and knowledge/experience about external access to the Mysql databe or SSH.

Thanks so much.

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