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Unit Price is wrong in some currencies, correct on the others.


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Hello, the order after March 27th is so wired. 

The default currency of my eStore is USD. Though multiple currency options are offered, when the customer check-out at PayPal, it will display USD only.

These days, when customers check-out at JPY, INR, IDR, the unit price of orders would be wrong.

But when customer check-out in EUR, USD, the price will be correct.


The original price of N76E003 is $0.25, but it displays $16.68; the original price of NuMaker Uno is $10, but it displays $667.25.

Look down to the total price, it turns to the correct one, the sum up of $0.25x21 + $10 = $15.25.

Besides, the shipping fee rule is $6.99 for the order < $150, free shipping of the order $150 and up.

In this order, the total price is $15.25, it should be charged the shipping fee.

But the system seems to regard this order as free shipping, so I guess the shipping fee system see this order as the wrong total price ($16.68x21+$667.25=$1017.53)


Could anyone tell me that what is the problem?

Thank you in advance!



Order in wired unit price.JPG

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