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price cost factor applied to utility customers


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Hi, I need help I have a store using prestashop but I need several prices depending on the client is going to be put on a list but that list I need to calculate a profit factor of each product, taking the base price (price to buy the product ) will give you an example: Say I have a client that put in Schedule 1 This list has to have the utility factor of 30% and I have a product that costs $ 2600 then the calculation to be performed for that client is 2600/0.70 = 3714 then the customer can see all products with the price of utility in this case of the sale price will be $ 3714. I have a client B that is put on another list in Schedule 3 and this list has a utility factor of 15% then this calculation must be applied to all products and show the customer that is on that list in this case the product costs : 2600/0.85 = 3058 then in this list that product costs $ 3058 and the vera client. I need help to implement the customer lists and see the price depending on the factor that I put them tell me how I can do that thanks.

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