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I'm adding a bit of functionality to email my Manufacturer automatically when an order is received for one of his products. I've added his email address to the "other" section and in PaymentModule.php am loading an array with the manufacturers ID from the product:

                    if (!array_key_exists($product['id_manufacturer'], $ClManuArray))
                      $ClManuArray[] = $product['id_manufacturer']; 

I now want to use the ID to read the address table so that I can get the email address in the 'other' field. I know how to do this using regular PHP I.e.

Select from Address where id_manufacturer = $ClManuArray[0]

etc. but can't get my head around doing it in Prestashop.

AdminManufacturers.php seems to do it:

$addresses = $manufacturer->getAddresses(intval($cookie->id_lang));

But I'm not sure if that will work in PaymentModule.php.

Many thanks,


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I think it will work if you do something like this. It has not been tested, BTW... ;-)

During the iteration of the products, around line(154)

 foreach ($products AS $key => $product)

Try something this:

 // this loads the manuafacturer from the product
 $manufacturer = new Manufacturer($product->id_manufacturer, intval($cookie->id_lang));
 // load this manufacturer's addresses
 $addresses = $manufacturer->getAddresses(intval($cookie->id_lang));
 // Builds a list of recipients from the addresses
 foreach($addresses as $key => $address) {
   $manuf_email .= ", ".$address->other;
 // remove the comma at the beginning of the string
 // May not want to do this because you will be adding these
 // to your recipients below
 // $manuf_email = substr($manuf_email, 2);

Then you can change this line (around 360) to add the manuf recipients:

 Mail::Send(intval($order->id_lang), 'order_conf', 'Order confirmation', $data, 
            $customer->email.$manuf_email, // here we are appending to the the recipients
            $customer->firstname.' '.$customer->lastname, NULL, NULL, $fileAttachment);

Personally, I'd send the manufacturer a separate email but you can do it any way you want.

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