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SQL Manager - Encoding is not in UTF8 in CSV exported files


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Hello there,

I had some with CSV export files and UTF8 encoding.

- for the basic Orders/Customers/etc tabs, I solve the problem by adding this line in the AdminController.php file :
 'export_precontent' => "\xEF\xBB\xBF",   (was empty before "" ).

It works fine in this case, but it stile a problem when it comes to SQL exports by using the SQL Manager.

I use PrestaShop 1.6.1
I already select UTF8 in SQL Manager
When I display my query in my browser, it's displayed correctly
I found a solution by manually opening my CSV file with a notepad, adding random characters at the beginning (such  "azerty"), saving the file, and then opening it with excel.

Do you have any solution to directly open the CSV file with the right encoding from the SQL Manager?

Thank you


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Hi @w3bsolutions

I tried your solution on Prstashop 1.7.6, but it did not work. 

The generateExport() has been replaced with processExport(), but the relevant code is still the same. 

But the outcome is the same: The UTF-8 encoding of characters other than Latin (e.g. Greek) looks correct on a notepad, but incorrect when opening the csv file with Excel.

Any further ideas? 

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