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[v1.6.1.17] Possible bug into supplier orders and incoming quantities update


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An employee creates a supplier order into Warehouse -> Supplier Order back office page. When the order phisically arrives, the employee updates its status to delivered to our warehouse or partially delivered.

So far, everything ok.

The problem kicks in when the order is partially delivered to our warehouse and there is a related customer order available and waiting for supplying.

For example, if the customer ordered 20x Product A, and we discover to have received 24x Product A, so 4 more of what we expected, when we update the related supplier order with 24x Product A, we lose the extra 4 quantities, and the Employee needs to add them manually after the supplier order closure.

This happens everytime we encounter such errors (they can also be external supplier order changes after the creation of the supply order into back office, that the Employee couldn't know).

I guess we need a sort of check for such cases.

Anyone with the same problem and/or with a fix?

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