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Problem with Country and Zone


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I have a challenge i need to asign two zone to each country.
Lets say i have two types of costumers Retail and Hostel, i need to asign two diferentes shipping prices per Zone to each One, so ONE country will need to have 2 differents Zone.

I addes to the database a simple many to many table
primary key ID
id_country Foreign key to country
id_zone Foreign key to Zone

But iam having a lot of trouble changin the form and adding this change to the workflow,
I am stading in AdminCountry.php, trying to figure out how to chance the form so i can assing two Zone to each country instead of one, and then i will have a lot of trouble searching for the database insertion and chaging it.

So i am calling anyone with more experience than me in prestashop, i really could use a hand here....
THank you Gusy.

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It really depends on how those rates are connected (if they are at all).
Either way, it's not an easy task, but probably easier than hacking the zones.

If there is a relation between the rates (IE wholesale is 20% cheaper than retail), then it can be fairly easily changed, just need to edit the function that returns the shipping rates and add the adjustment.

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