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nu merge ca am incercat

dar am gasit si rezolvarea

copy - paste din /mails/fr/ fisierele index.php si lang.php

deschizi lang.php si editezi campurile respective


copy - paste ce am tradus eu


global $_LANGMAIL;
$_LANGMAIL = array();
$_LANGMAIL['Your new admin password'] = 'Parola noua - Administrator';
$_LANGMAIL['Your password'] = 'Parola';
$_LANGMAIL['Welcome!'] = 'Bine ati venit !';
$_LANGMAIL['Order confirmation'] = 'Confirmare comanda';
$_LANGMAIL['Message from contact form'] = 'Mesaj de la contact form';
$_LANGMAIL['My personal informations'] = 'Informatii personale';
$_LANGMAIL['Message from a customer'] = 'Mesaj de la client';
$_LANGMAIL['Virtual product to download'] = 'Produs virtual de descarcat';
$_LANGMAIL['Referral Program'] = 'Program de fidelizare';


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