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Lost my settings.inc.php


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I have lost my settings.inc.php file with every data to my database,
I still have the database. And have reset all data, cookie_key etc, but not this one:

define('_COOKIE_IV_', 'XXXXXXXX');

My problem is:
What is that cookie IV?
And how do i reset it?
Where in the database can i find this?

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I would write the script and run it from the root. It is not going to do anything to your database, it is going to generate the value for you.

Let me test to see if I can write the script to perform the operation....

Ok, here is the code for the script:

 echo Tools::passwdGen(8);

Call it passwdGen.php and place it in your root.
Run it from the root and take the value it shows and place it in your setting.inc.php for the COOKIE_IV value.

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