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[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/xxxxx/classes/db/DbPDO.php: Call to a member function rowCount() on boolean - cannot delete images themeconfigurator


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If you are having this error by trying to delete the native pictures from themeconfigurator on PS, so this is a BUG.

If you further activate debug mode you will get the following error:


Table 'xxxxxx.ps_ps_themeconfigurator' doesn't exist


xxxx stands for your shop-name.

For to debug this error apply this workaround:


Open the file modules/themeconfigurator/themeconfigurator.php.
On line 397, you have:

Db::getInstance()->delete(DB_PREFIX.'themeconfigurator', 'id_item = '.(int)$id_item);

Replace with:

Db::getInstance()->delete('themeconfigurator', 'id_item = '.(int)$id_item);

Then save the file.



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