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PrestaShop CDN Sub-domain error


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Just now, WebEffect said:

Has anybody else faced the issue of upgrading to 1.7.3 to find the error message on the media servers 

The subdomain I'm using is perfectly fine

Media server #1 is invalid

Running cdn from cloudflare and cdn is linked to sub domain! and works on other ps 1.6 so it must be a bugg on ps 1.7.3?

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Yes I am facing the same error, posted earlier but no reply till now.. somebody told me to put https:// before the media server domain, I tried that but then the server is continuously trying to resolve the host but unable, so images are not downloading.

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I had the same problem and i resolve 

editing the registry in the table  ps_configuration and found MEDIA_SERVER with %LIKE%

I found the solution here work wel


Remember to recreate htaccess



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